Spørgsmål vedr. P2NP syntese
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Forfatter:  Narkopolo [ 09 sep 2016 12:45 ]
Titel:  Spørgsmål vedr. P2NP syntese

Hey psy, jeg sidder og keder mig, og læser derfor lidt synteser på nettet, og faldt over en på P2NP.
Men der er så et punkt jeg ikke lige kan gennemskue.

Syntesen er således:

Phenyl-2-Nitropropene à la Barium:
1 mol benzaldehyde, 1.2 mol nitroethane and 15 mL diluted aqueous methylamine in 150 mL alcohol. Stirred and slightly heated for ca 4 hours. The reaction mixture is brought over into a beaker and cooled in the fridge (4°C). If precipitation doesn't commence at this point, water is poured in and the mixture put back in the fridge. The P2NP oil layer will slowly (or sometimes quickly) start forming a crystalline layer. If it doesn't, scratching the wall with e.g. a glass rod will help. If even this won't help, it means you probably fucked something up. The yields I have had using this "adaptation": 81% (i-PrOH), 79% (i-PrOH), 75% (EtOH) and 71% (EtOH) (yields calculated after crystallizing once; I store my crystals in the freezer and also recrystallize them prior to use).

Hvad menes der med dette?

Er det MethylAmine.HCl opløst i alkohol eller vand, eller er det freebase der er gasset gennem vand og fortyndet med alkohol, eller noget helt 3? :)

Forfatter:  йети [ 09 sep 2016 13:22 ]
Titel:  Re: Spørgsmål vedr. P2NP syntese

Det er methylamin freebase opløst i vand.

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