Foredrag om psykedeliske stoffer som medicin
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Forfatter:  Leah [ 30 apr 2019 10:31 ]
Titel:  Foredrag om psykedeliske stoffer som medicin

Hvis nu man er i Odense i dag (30. april) 20:00-22:00 ... 472699900/

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"The pursuit of knowledge is a fundamental human right. As is access to cheap, cold, delicious beer!

Science and Beers is a relaxed public lecture series.
We cover a broad range of subjects, from quantum physics to politics, music and mathematics. Each event has one guest speaker who will present their specialist subject. Each talk is followed by a chat over a beer or two.

We encourage you to try a talk outside your study subject :)

In our last talkof the season, Irina Antonescu will take you on a trip into the far out world of psychedelics.

The modern views on psychedelic, mind-altering or entheogenic substances are highly controversial. Psychedelic compounds are illegal in most Western countries, but one cannot ignore the huge interest humanity has had in this class of compounds, both from a cultural and therapeutic perspective. Irina’s informal talk will tackle questions like: What defines a psychedelic drug? How do they work in our body to create the psychedelic experience? Do psychedelics have any proven health benefits or side effects? And even more interestingly, how did this class of mind-altering substances transform Western culture?

This talk will be complimented by Edelweiss White at 30kr :)

Happy hour on Odense pilsner is every day between kl 17 and kl 20 ;)

These events are open to everyone. The talk will be in English.
Free entrance :D"

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