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Do you find that your cocaine is, for the most part, a hard hitting, edgy, ampy, non-social, uncomfortable, paranoid, heart racing, tweeked out, geeked out, introverted, and just plain miserable buzz? Well, it's not suppose to be. Really clean cocaine is actually the exact opposite of all of those things. In fact, good cocaine is the most euphoric, sexual, talkative, clarifying, impowering, center of the universe, can do no wrong, immediate anti-depressant kind of drug there is. You can actually do great coke for 3 days straight while never feeling geeked out or tweeked out. Good coke just doesn't do that to you. You crave very little and you do alot less than you would with adulterated coke. Hard to believe, but it's true. I personally started doing coke in the 80's when ampy coke just didn't exist. You really don't think coke became so popular for making it's users feel like shit, did you? Well folks, I'm glad to announce that the remedy is finally here! Now anyone can enjoy great cocaine with just a few simple steps. If your tired of getting crappy ass cocaine and look forward to doing all that real cocaine was ever advertised as, then please read on!

***UPDATED 11/1/06***

This entire thread has been updated from the original theories mentioned at the bottom of this thread that pertain to amphetamines, ephedrine, and psuedoephedrine. It is with almost entire certainty that most (not all, but estimate around 90 percent) of all cocaine does not contain any of these adulterants at all.

It is important that you not only read this section first, but in addition, try this step first before trying any of the outdated and more advanced techniques mentioned near the end of this thread pertaining to the removal of amphetamines, ephedrine and psuedoephedrine. I no longer feel that those substances are in most street level cocaine.

It has come to my attention thru extensive personal and shared testing and research, that a simple anhydrous (water and alcohol free) acetone wash of your adulterated cocaine will most likely be the only cleaning required to give you the cocaine that you've always desired. Please note that the acetone wash does not remove amphetamine, ephedrine, or psuedoephedrine, but thereagain, it most liklely doesn't contain any of those to begin with. Performing this easy procedure correctly should give you exactly what you've been looking for all along.........GREAT COCAINE!

I have personally come to believe that additional alkaloids, in addition to the cocaine itself, leftover from a rushed and unfinished final cleaning at the manufacturing point, tend to mimic those of speed when combined together.

Therefore, we must complete the very last manufacturing step of cleaning the cocaine in order to obtain the precious, pure and clean cocaine that we were looking for in the first place. This last step is so easy to perform and is the exact way it was suppose to be performed at the manufacturing point. It's called, THE ACETONE WASH!

At the very final step of manufacturing, the cocaine hydrochloride crystals (the kind you snort), are suppose to be washed with acetone or diethyl ether to remove impurities and additional alkaloids left behind to obtain pure and clean cocaine hydrochloride crystals. But, in a hurried process, this step is sometimes rushed, thus leaving behind additional, unwanted alkaloids, or left out alltogether, thus leaving behind all kinds of other crap! There is also the fact that leaving these unwanteds behind adds additional weight to the final product, thus creating more money (the real motivation) for the manufactures. So therefore, it is now our job to finish the uncompleted process ourselves. The best thing about this procedure is that your cocaine will stay as a solid in the acetone and at all times while your other excess and unwanted alkaloids, plus other leftover byproducts will be dissolved and filtered away with ease.


One final note: There is a quick and easy method to determine whether or not your adulterated cocaine actually contains amphetamine. Simply fill a tall drinking glass with regular Clorox bleach. Drop approximately one line worth of your adulterated cocaine into the bleach. After about 10-15 seconds, cocaine will start to fall to the bottom in swirling white trails, leaving no residue by the time it hits the bottom. You will be left with a small, yellowish looking oily residue left floating on top. After a minute or two, amphetamine will turn into an oily reddish (not orange) residue on top and my even leave trails of red in the bleach. Otherwise, your cocaine does not contain amphetamine.
Additional "caines" other than cocaine, will leave behind an oily orange residue left floating on top. This is not uncommon and may likely be the case as many "caines" are used to adulterate cocaine due to their numbing qualities. But, additional "caines" other than cocaine itself are considered "inactive" cuts and do not alter the true effects of the cocaine. It is important to know that out of the some 100 different types of caines (procaine, lidocaine, benzocaine, tetracaine etc), all add numbness, but do create euphoria. THE ONLY "CAINE" THAT CAN PRODUCE A EUPHORIA IS COCAINE. If you experience no euphoria from your product, it most likely contains no cocaine at all. And yes, this does occasionally happen.......occasionally. If using cocaine on a regular basis, it is best that you learn how to detect not only the actual presence of cocaine in your purchase, but the percentage as well. This is not a thread on how to determine the presence of, or the percentage of, so you may want to read up on the bleach test, EZ white test, foil test etc. to become more familiar with on site testing before you make your purchase.

Bare in mind that amphetamine seems to be most commonly found in European samples and rarely in U.S. Therefore, the acetone wash is mostly recommended for U.S. samples. That being said, let's move on.........................

Items you'll be needing to perform the acetone wash

99-99.5% or higher %, ACS grade or higher purity acetone (any online chemical supply company)

plastic funnel, 3-4 in. diameter top (any auto parts store)

medium to high flow filter papers, 16 cm. in diameter (any online chemistry supply company)

50 ml. and/or 100 ml. glass Pyrex beaker and a 6 inch glass stir rod (any online chemistry supply company)

tall drinking glass, small enough in diameter at the top to hold your plastic funnel in place (your own kitchen)


Not to worry, if you're unable or unwilling to obtain acetone via a chemical supply company, there is a legitimate alternative. you can make hardware or home store acetone anhydrous with just one small step.
Simply purchase a 1 liter container of acetone from home depot, lowes, menards etc. while there, also purchase a bag of epsom salt.
When you get home, preheat your oven to 400 degrees f. spread some epsom salts over some aluminum foil placed on a baking sheet. bake the epsom salts for about 2 hours.
This will turn your epsom salt into anhydrous magnesium sulphate powder. scrape up about 10 grams of the newly produced magnesium sulphate and pour it into your 1 liter container of home store acetone. shake well. let stand for 24 hours. the magnesium sulphate will absorb any water or alcohol and then sink it to the bottom in the form of a clump of goo.
Your home store acetone is now anhydrous.

IMPORTANT : as to not get any of the goo from the bottom when using this acetone, always use a glass eye dropper (any drugstore.....must be glass and not plastic!)) to extract the acetone from as close to the top as possible. first, squeeze the top of the glass eye dropper completely and simply insert it down about 3 inches into the container, release the top and let it suck up as much acetone as possible. repeat as many times as necessary to obtain the amount you need.

IMPORTANT: never pour the acetone into your beaker. that's why we're using the glass eye dropper. all of the goo at the bottom of the acetone can, which was once water/alcohol, is just lying there. you certainly don't want any of that in your beaker. so, in addition, i'd advise throwing away your acetone container when you've used up only 1/3 of it and start over with a fresh can and fresh anhydrous magnesium sulphate. they're both extremeley cheap, so it's no big deal.

That's it! Ready, let's go............................

Acetone Wash

Okay, please note that I'll be using 3 grams of adulterated cocaine as my example for this procedure, so keep that in mind. You should use 15 ml.s of acetone per every 1 gram of cocaine.

Crush up your 3 grams of adulterated cocaine as fine as possible. I have personally found that using a fine screened juice strainer best for getting finely ground powder.

Pour your crushed up cocaine into 45-50 ml.s of acetone. Put the cap back onto your acetone bottle immediately to avoid any moisture from the air getting in. Stir the cocaine in the acetone for approx. 3-5 minutes making sure to get around the bottom edges etc. Cover with a small piece of paper or something to keep any moisture out and let settle until the cleaned cocaine crystals are on the bottom and your acetone at the top has become completely clear or dirty looking, but free of any crystals floating in it. This should take anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes.

Now, carefully pour your dirty acetone into a filter placed inside of your plastic funnel and resting atop your drinking glass. It is important on this first run to stop as short of any cocaine falling out into the filter as possible (it's okay if some crystals fall into the filter paper, leave them there). This will provide us with the opportunity to perform a second wash on the crystals in the beaker. Now, with some crystals stuck to the side of the beaker from pouring and most at the bottom, pour 30 more ml.s of fresh acetone into the beaker trying to collect those crystals stuck on the side while pouring in. Stir again and cover. This time, pour your entire contents into the filter paper. If some crystals are left clinging to the beaker, pour a lil' fresh acetone in, swirl and pour them in as well. With your clean crystals inside the filter paper, cover. Once all, or most of the acetone has drained thru into the drinking glass, pour 20 more ml.s of fresh acetone into the filter paper. This will provide us with the third and last cleansing. Cover and let drain completely. This could take 5-10 minutes at the most.

Once all of the acetone has drained thru, carefully remove the filter paper containing the newly cleaned and now beautiful crystals and place it between three or four paper towels. Fold the towels over the filter paper and press firmly on the cocaine to absorb any additional acetone. Discard paper towels and place the somewhat dried filter paper still containing the crystyals under a heat lamp for approx. 20 minutes. Remove from under heat lamp.

Now, this last step is very important. For your own health and for the true taste, feel and aesthetics of the newly cleaned cocaine, you must let it evaporate on it's own, still inside of the filter paper for at least 24 hours in a non-humid environment. At the 24+ mark, gently heat the crystals, while still inside of the filter paper, for approx. 10 minutes or so. Remove from heat.

Carefully open the filter paper and let the clump of beautiful cocaine fall out onto an awaiting ceramic plate. Rub the filter paper together over the plate if any is stuck to it. Carefully open up the clump to examine your newly formed, clean and pure crystals. This will resemble nothing of which you started with, no matter how good or bad it looked.

Crush up finely into a couple of lines and snort away. "HOLY SHIT, there's no burn, no smell, but wait a minute, I'm starting to feel a warm rush throughout my entire body!" "I'm feeling an extreme euphoria coming over me". "The back of my throat is numb as hell". "I feel fucking great"! "No edgyness, ampyness or uncomfortableness. I've never felt this good before". Or any other quotes something of the like all thru the night anyway................=D

Welcome to "real" cocaine..........finally! Enjoy.

REMEMBER, 99-99.5% acetone is the only acetone that will work. In addition, I would also recommend adding about 10 grams of anhydrous magnesium sulphate to a 4 liter bottle of chemical company acetone, just as you did with the hardware store stuff. Remember, if your acetone is not COMPLETELY 100% anhydrous, you WILL lose some cocaine, it's that simple. So therefore, if your not getting 100% pure anhydrous acetone from a chemical supply company, you need to add some anhydrous magnesium sulphate to it as well. I'll give you an example: Just 1 gram of cocaine hydrochloride (the kind you snort), will entirely dissolve in just 1 ml. of water.

You must also let it evaporate on it's own for at least 24 hours. If you do this just as I described, it will work perfectly. Don't come to me and say it didn't work, but I used hardware store acetone. It has to be done exactly as I've described or you may as well do it dirty. :\

If for any reason, after first performing the above mentioned procedure correctly, your cocaine is still speedy (though I really doubt it), you can now refer to my original methods listed below. But, I can't say this enough, I really doubt you'll need to after performing the acetone wash.

Once you've completed the entire clean-up process and have spread out your newly cleaned up cocaine on a ceramic plate, take a metal spoon and crush up the cocaine as much as possible and spread it out again. Let air dry for 1 hour while you wait on your oven to pre-heat to 150 degrees f. Some ovens only go as low as 170, but that's fine. Take out a baking sheet and place a piece of aluminum foil over the entire sheet. Once your cocaine has air dried for 1 hour and your oven is pre-heated, pour your cocaine onto the foil and spread it out as thin as possible. Place the baking sheet with the cocaine on it in the oven for 2-3 hours.

Remove from oven, carefully fold the baking sheet in half as to be able to pour out your cocaine onto one of those expensive PAPER plates that have kinda of a shinny surface on them. Push all of the cocaine to one end. With all the cocaine at one end, tilt the paper plate towards you about 1/2 inch. Now, with the 8 fingers you still have available (your two thumbs are holding the plate), start gently tapping on the pile. You'll notice that tiny crystals start falling pretty fast towards the bottom closest to you. be careful while doing this as to not tap to hard and bounce product right off the plate. Once you've accumulated some crystals-powder at the bottom corner closest to you, stop, place down on a flat surface and scrape up the crystals, and put them onto a seperate plate. Now move the pile on the original plate back to the top and keep repeating this process until all of the crystals are on the other plate.

The crystals are the "real" stuff, and the powder is, well, I'm not really sure, but I know it's not coke. Anyway, the evaporation time has been cut down, the results have been increased, and your good to go.........................

In case all else fails, feel free to proceed with the following methods mentioned below. Keep in mind that these are older theories I had before coming to the final conclusion I did up above with just a simple acetone wash. :\

***Outdated as of 11/1/06***:

This procedure will remove ephedrine and amphetamine from your adulterated cocaine. I have personally found that these two substances are the most common active cuts used to adulterate cocaine and thus alter the true effect of the "real" cocaine high. When used, either one of these two "speedy" cuts will actually overpower the wonderfully "true" high that is cocaine.

Contrary to what most new users may think, cocaine that has not been cut with an "active" cut is a mild, relaxing stimulant that produces an immediate euphoria in about 2 minutes. The high is very subtle. In fact, many first time users, including myself the very first time, may not even realize they're high at all.

After the initial euphoria hits, it will be accompanied by a general feeling of well being and contentment. You will feel as though you are at the center of the universe. Confidence will be at a level you never thought you were capable of possessing. Depression is wiped away within minutes and replaced with a feeling of though you can do no wrong. Conversation begins to flow very easily. In fact, it will bring many of those, usually the introverted type, out of their so called shells. Unactively cut cocaine is one of the most sexual drugs there is, too. You feel as though you've become an instant Casanova. Everything you say is the right thing, and you'll most likely find yourself playing way out of your league, as well.

To compare unactively cut cocaine to any other drug is to compare it almost identically to the plateau stage of pure MDMA. The plateau stage of pure MDMA is when the eye shakes stop and the heavy rolling ceases. It's at that point that things mellow out and you just feel great. That is just like cocaine. Hard to believe, huh?

Hard to believe for most new users, I know. Most people trying cocaine for the first time in the last 5-10 years think cocaine is an extremely hard hitting, ampy, edgy, non-conversational, non-sexual, hard to communicate, paranoid type of drug. In fact, that is exactly what it has become nowdays. Why anyone trying cocaine for the first time nowdays would ever go back for more is beyond me. But I guess most people really don't care about the effects of the drug, rather just the escape from reality it offers. Apparentely, regardless of how awful it makes you feel as well.

Ironically, "real" cocaine is not a very feinding type of drug. There is usually little craving or feinding to have to do more and more of the drug. In fact, with real, unactive cut coke, you'll find that you actually do less. The funny thing is that as awful as it makes you feel nowdays, you keep going back for more and more, and much more often, too. With good coke, you might even forget your high is deminishing, and will then go back for two more lines about every hour or so. Instead of consuming an 8 ball in one night with the bad shit, you'll most likely consume only a gram of the pure stuff.

Sound good? Then let's get started.....................


chloroform (any online chemical supply company)
anydrous ethyl alcohol (ethanol), 190 proof, 95%, ACS grade (any online chemical supply company)
anhydrous diethyl ether (any online chemical supply company)
15 cm. in diameter, medium flow filter papers (any online chemical or chemistry supply company.)
4-5 inch diameter plastic funnel (any auto parts store)
9 inch glass Pyrex pie plate (Walmart)
(1) 50 ml. glass Pyrex beaker
(1) 6 inch glass stir rod
lab stand with funnel ring (any online chemistry supply company)

Note: The ethyl alcohol must be exactly as I've described above. It must be 95% and 190 proof. 200 proof will not be sufficient.


Alright, it takes exactly 12.5 ml.s of chloroform to dissolve 1 gram of cocaine. Ephedrine is entirely insoluble in chloroform. But, since we know our adulterated cocaine is not 100% pure, I would strongly suggest going on the light side with the chloroform. I personally use 10 ml.s of chloroform for every 1 gram of cocaine.

Note: In this procedure, I will be using exactly 3 grams of adulterated cocaine as the given amount. Okay, here we go........................

Fill your 50 ml. beaker with 30 ml.s of chloroform. Crush up your 3 grams of cocaine and add it to the chloroform. With the glass stir rod, stir the mixture thoroughly for about 3-5 minutes. It may appear as pearlescent looking liquid with possibly no residue on the bottom. That doesn't mean the ephedrine isn't floating in the liquid. In fact, it most likely is. Your cocaine at this point is completely dissolved into the chloroform. Anything left in solid form is anything other than cocaine, regardless of how good it might look.

Now, take one of your filter papers, fold it in half so it's in the shape of a half circle. Fold it over again into kind of a triangle. Open up one of the two openings and place the filter paper inside of the plastic funnel (make sure you cut off the bottom tip of the plastic funnel right up to the bottom of the V before using it). This will assure that none of the liquid actually hits the plastic funnel on the way out.
Now, carefully push the filter paper down as far as you can inside of the funnel so that the bottom tip of the filter paper is just barely sticking out the bottom of the funnel. Place your pie plate on the lab stand with your funnel ring about 4 inches above the plate and your funnel and filter paper placed inside of the funnel ring. You'll want the bottom of your funnel to be about 1 inch from the surface of the pie plate. This will assure that the liquid does not splash all over the place when it drains thru the funnel. You will need a friend to hold down the filter paper and keep it open until the liquid is poured in. You'll understand once your in this position.

Once the filter is in place and being held on one side by a friend, carefully but fairly quickly, pour your entire contents of chloroform/cocaine into the filter paper. Your chloroform/cocaine will quickly begin to fall thru the filter paper onto the awaiting pie plate. Once done, anything left in the beaker can be washed down the drain. It's junk! Once all of the liquid is in the filter paper, your friend can now let go of it. It will now stay in place by itself with the liquid inside. Quickly cover the top of the funnel with a paper towel so that no moisture from the air gets in. Now, walk away and let the filter finish completely draining all of the chloroform/cocaine out onto the awaiting pie plate. The liquid should be completely clear at this point and look just like plain old water. I would advise that you do this procedure in an open area, as chloroform can cause eye irritation and headaches.

Once all of the liquid has drained thru, you can now carefully remove the filter paper from the funnel, open it up and see just how much ephedrine, along with anything else that isn't cocaine, is actually in there. Now put that filter paper, along with the crap inside of it, where it belongs...................down the toilet!

****Below, I will list two different methods you can use to let cocaine crystals form out of the goo. The first is for those of you which not only enjoy quality, but beauty as well. The second, impatient method, is for those of you that have gotta get 'er done right now!


Now, if your a true connoisseur of art and all it's beauty, simply take a clean regular blow dryer and from a distance of about 12 inches away and facing away from you, carefully blow dry and evaporate off the chloroform liquid portion now in the pie plate. Once done, you'll now be left with a clear goo on the bottom of the pie plate. Once your at this point, let the nearly pure cocaine crystals continue to form on their own overnight out of the goo (crystals will form slowly, so find something else to do while waiting, like sleeping overnight). In the morning, you will awake to a pie plate full of beautiful, nearly pure, transparent looking cocaine crystals! Simply scrape them up from the pie plate with a sharp razor blade and into a pile of what will now resemble bleach white diamonds!


For those of you in a hurry, follow the same method above, but instead of letting the crystals form on their own overnight, simply have a friend hold the blow dryer on cool over the plate while you take your index finger and go back and forth over the goo until it starts to turn white. Once it starts turning white, remove your finger from the pie plate, wipe the excess cocaine onto the edge, and continue to blow dry on cool until the contents turn completely white and/or can be scraped up with a razor blade. This usually takes around 5-10 minutes total.

It is important that if you choose to stop here, that you let the cocaine crystals continue to evaporate on their own overnight. It is not healthy to consume any amount of chloroform. But, chloroform will evaporate down to .001% on it's own, but it will involve evaporation overnight to get there. Do not forget this, okay? If you choose to move onto the next step listed below, then no wait time is involved. Alright, let's move on................


It takes only 3.2 ml.s of ethyl alcohol to dissolve 1 gram of cocaine. Yet it takes 515 ml.s of ethyl alcohol to dissolve 1 gram of amphetamine. It's with these numbers that we'll use to eliminate the amphetamine from your cocaine.

As with the same procedure used above for removing the ephedrine from your cocaine, we will use for removing the amphetamine from your cocaine.

This procedure should be performed exactly as we did for the ephedrine. But this time, simply pour 5-10 ml.s of ethyl alcohol into your beaker for every gram of cocaine you have. Now, pour your cocaine into the ethyl alcohol. The cocaine will dissolve entirely into the alcohol. Anything that doesn't, isn't cocaine, and is most likely amphetamine. Stir for about 3-5 minutes and then pour the entire contents into the filter paper, same as described above for ephedrine.

After the liquid has entirely drained thru the filter paper and onto the awaiting pie plate, follow whichever procedure you chose above for letting it evaporate. Choose either the connoisseur method, or the impatient method. The end result will be the same, just a whole lot prettier with the connoisseur method.


Once all of your cocaine hydrochloride crystals have dried, add them to a beaker containing 30-40 ml.s of anhydrous diethyl ether. This time, your cocaine will stay in a solid form on the bottom of the beaker, while your psuedoephedrine will entirely dissolve into the ether. Once all of your cocaine has been added, stir for about 3-4 minutes. Pour out the ether stopping just short of any cocaine falling out. Now, add 30-40 more ml.s of fresh ether to the beaker containing the cocaine and stir again. This will insure that all of the impurities have been removed. This time, pour all of the liquid, with the cocaine into a filter placed inside of a funnel. Once drained completely, add a little fresh ether one more time into the filter. Let drain completely. Carefully remove the filter containing the nearly pure cocaine and place it between a few paper towels. Press firmly on the filter paper containing the cocaine clump to absorb any excess ether. Carefully open and let fall out onto an awaiting ceramic plate. Let air dry for an hour or two. It is EXTREMELEY important that you work with ether in an open area with proper ventilation. Ether is highly flammable and can combust easily when in contact with an electric charge etc. Just be very careful.

Once dry, chop into a fine white powder and snort away. Your cocaine is now free of all speed. =D

That's it! And believe me, once you perform this procedure, you will be blown away (no pun intended), by the end result. This is "real" cocaine, my friends!

Your welcome, and enjoy. Whew!



-Oprensning af gade kokain til 99% Kokain HCl:
-Acetonevask af kokain:
-Laboratore analyse og test af renhed af Kokain:
-LeJunk's Cocaine Purification Technique / Acetone Wash:
-BOG: The Coca Homegrowers Guide:

Indlæg: 16 mar 2017 11:08 

Tilmeldt: 23 maj 2014 12:59
Indlæg: 133
Kokain er ret opløseligt i Ethyl alkohol og det er amphetamine ikke. Jeg vil med 3,2ml pr gram kunne sortere alt amphetamine fra mit kokain hcl? Modsat kan jeg vaske mit amphetamine med alkohol for at opnå bedre produkt? I denne sammenhæng tænker jeg der er tale om detaneuret sprit på 96% ? eller er vi ude i bioethanol på 99%??

Beklager newb spørgsmål - men er så meget I tvivl jeg må spørge :roll:

Indlæg: 16 mar 2017 16:12 

Tilmeldt: 22 dec 2015 00:35
Indlæg: 507
Geografisk sted: In your dreams, Pedro... In your dreams!
DIY skrev:
Kokain er ret opløseligt i Ethyl alkohol og det er amphetamine ikke. Jeg vil med 3,2ml pr gram kunne sortere alt amphetamine fra mit kokain hcl?

DIY skrev:
Modsat kan jeg vaske mit amphetamine med alkohol for at opnå bedre produkt?
I hvert fald hvis du vil være sikker på at der ikke er noget kokain i dit amfetamin. Ellers vil jeg tro at der er andre, bedre metoder at rense amfetamin på.

DIY skrev:
I denne sammenhæng tænker jeg der er tale om detaneuret sprit på 96% ? eller er vi ude i bioethanol på 99%??

Beklager newb spørgsmål - men er så meget I tvivl jeg må spørge :roll:

Da både kokain og amfetamin er opløseligt i vand, nytter det ikke noget hvis du bruger sprit der er 96% sprit og derved indeholder 4% vand. Derfor skal det gerne være 99% sprit eller derover :)


-Oprensning af gade kokain til 99% Kokain HCl:
-Acetonevask af kokain:
-Laboratore analyse og test af renhed af Kokain:
-LeJunk's Cocaine Purification Technique / Acetone Wash:
-BOG: The Coca Homegrowers Guide:

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